Established in 1970

Therma Truck commenced building refrigerated truck bodies and vans in early 1970 and soon achieved a reputation for our high quality workmanship.

When the company was started there were two main objectives to achieve, first and foremost was to build a high quality product that was robust and reliable and secondly the product had to be competitively priced.

Therma Truck worked hard at their original factory in Pavesi Street Guildford to perfect refrigerated truck bodies that are renown for their long lasting qualities and excellent temperature holding capabilities.

Therma Truck understand how critical it is for both drivers and managers to have a refrigerated truck that can deliver refrigerated food products at the required temperature regardless of the outside temperature.

Over the years Therma Truck has grown and is now recognised as one of the finest builders of refrigerated truck and van bodies in Australia.

Moved to new facility in 2009

In 2009 Therma Truck moved to its new specialised production facility located at Long Street Smithfield. The new office and factory covers over 8900 square metres and includes CAD facilities, full engineering workshop, specialist fibreglass facility, dedicated fully equipped welding section, two assembly and final finishing sections and a repair section. This new facility enables Therma Truck to deliver more than one truck body every day.

Much of the research and development is carried out by James Betzis the Managing Director who has over 20 years experience in the refrigerated transport industry.

Long lasting quality product

Customers from all over Australia and from overseas choose Therma Truck to build their custom made refrigerated trucks and vans because they know that they are assured of being supplied a long lasting quality product. James Betzis says that trust and assurance of quality is of prime importance, "we hear those words over and over again from many satisfied customers; Therma Truck understands their unique needs and provides the service to meet those needs. The value Therma Truck place on their relationships with our customers translates into some of the finest service available in the transport industry today". More than 60% of Therma Truck's customers are referrals or repeat business, a testament to the reputation of Therma Truck.

Product Development

Therma Truck has invested considerable resources into developing new innovative ideas and products to support their current product range as well as looking at long-range trends in the industry to improve their already excellent refrigerated truck bodies and vans.

The current trend in Australia is towards increased refrigerated/temperature controlled delivery and transportation of food products and is expected to accelerate over the next few years. Temperature controlled zoning allows for the delivery of both frozen and chilled food products in a single truck, which translates into time savings and efficiencies.

Custom and ready made products

Therma Truck's attention to detail, together with a quality built customised product as well as a full range of ready built stock bodies and a competitive price have proven to be a successful mix in maintain Therma Truck's leading reputation over the past 40 years.

Therma Truck are committed to earning and keeping our customers trust by maintaining high standards of service and workmanship that will carry us well into the future.

Therma Truck are always looking for new ways to improve our products by research and development to give our customers the best that is available, staying well ahead of the opposition.

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